Introducing the XPL Logistics Network

At XPL, we partnered with the country’s top logistics companies to address the greatest logistics challenges of today and the future. We combine our innovative technology with our partners’ proven logistics know-how to create an expansive network covering major cities and remote regions in the archipelago.

Our suite of solutions that include our booking platform and rider applications aids our partners to automate their processes, increase their delivery volume, and expand their delivery network.

This synergy between XPL and our partners enables us to truly deliver more together. In the end, it benefits not only members of the XPL Logistics Network, but also Filipino entrepreneurs and consumers who fuel the nation’s ecommerce industry.


The Philippines’ ecommerce industry is expanding and is expected to continue to do so in the near future. According to leading market and consumer data provider Statista, the Philippines’ ecommerce industry is projected to have a market volume of $7.7 billion and 47.8% user penetration in 2025.

The COVID-19 pandemic further increased Filipinos’ dependence on the ecommerce industry. And as this demand grows, so does the need for a reliable logistics industry to quickly and safely deliver goods all over the country.

XPL and its partner logistics companies address this need by creating a vast logistics network that spans the archipelago and combining XPL’s technological expertise with their partners’ robust logistics capabilities.

But our work is far from over. Thus, we would like to invite you to become a part of our growing logistics network and serve the delivery needs of every Filipino household.

Why Join the XPL Logistics Network

Joining the XPL Logistics Network offers your company many benefits, including:

Increasing your delivery volume.

When you join our network, you’ll be able to receive deliveries from other partners across the country. This increases not just your delivery volume, but your bottom line too.

Expanding your serviceable areas.

Now you can deliver to more locations even outside your serviceable areas. Simply course packages through XPL delivery partners that operate in those areas, and that’s it, problem solved!

Simplifying platform integration via API.

If you and your customers still exchange booking data manually, the XPL platform makes it a lot simpler with API integration. Now you can download data from ecommerce platforms like Shopify directly to your dashboard.

Streamlining your delivery process.

With many logistics companies involved in the network, keeping everything orderly seems like a daunting task. We solve this with the XPL Logistics Platform and the XPL Rider App, which allow you to easily do things like viewing, creating, scanning, and
updating bookings with just a few clicks.

Accepting bookings with your own customer booking facility.

Automation is the name of the game with XPL. We offer a booking platform that you can use at your branch or access via the web or our Android app. You can also choose the white-label option for our web and mobile apps to put your branding front and center whenever you use them.

Easier package tracking with the XPL track and trace facility.

Make tracking packages extra convenient for your company and your customers with our track and trace facility that’s accessible via the web or SMS.

Having your brand published on the XPL website.

Being included in the XPL website not only boosts your visibility but also opens you up to exciting and mutually beneficial partnerships with other logistics companies within the network.

· Customized URL Ex.:
· Track and Trace Facility
· Details about your company
· Serviceable areas and Services offered

Services Offered

Pickup and Delivery

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Branch Drop-off / Branch Pick-up

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Same Day Delivery

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Cash on Delivery

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Forward (Land, Sea, Air)

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Package Size


Own Packaging

Bulk Shipments

Serviceable Areas

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How to be part of XPL Logistics Network

It takes several important steps to become a part of the XPL Logistics Network. These are the following:

Provide onboarding Documents

XPL will provide onboarding documents for you to fill-up like services offered and serviceable areas. This will to allow other XPL partners to check if you can be a viable partner based on your location and your available assets.

Publishing your list of your services and serviceable areas at the XPL website

Once you've provided the required lists, we'll upload these to our website, with your own page in our website containing your basic details. Other XPL partners can then start viewing your details.

An XPL partner contacts you

Our XPL Representative will contact you If a potential partner wants to connect or avail your service, XPL will provide the basic details about your services and serviceable areas to the potential partner who want to connect with you.

XPL connects you and the XPL partner

After finalizing your partnership, XPL will connect your company and your partner's via API and you'll have access to the XPL web booking platform. This allows you to share and update booking data seamlessly.

Step 5: Start receiving sending and receiving packages

Congratulations, you're finally at the most exciting part of the partnership! You can begin enjoying the benefits of being a part of the XPL Logistics Network like expanding your serviceable areas and increasing your delivery volume.