Expand Your Network, Increase Your Volume

Join XPL’s growing nationwide delivery network and start accepting deliveries from anywhere in the Philippines.

Customize it to suit your needs

Our system adapts to the way you work, not the other way around. That’s why we made it easy for you to customize its various components, including the following:

  • Statuses – Use statuses that your team already uses, from delivery to terminating statuses, making adjusting to our system a lot easier.
  • Customer portal – Create a portal that’s consistent with your brand by uploading your own logo, having your own track and trace facility, and more.
  • Delivery charges – Our system can help you quickly set delivery charges. Just define parameters like the package origin, package destination, valuation, payment type, and package type, and you’re good to go.
  • Delivery documents – Like your customer portal, you can also customize your proof of delivery, dispatch manifest, and other documents to give them a more consistent look.
  • SMS and email notifications – Delivery notifications are customizable too, giving you a uniform brand identity wherever you reach your customers.

Easily keep track of your infrastructure

Keep track of all your entire logistics infrastructure in our system’s built-in map. Begin by building your list of warehouses, branches, vehicles, and riders, and these will be displayed on the system map. Now you’ll know exactly where all your assets are and know their status at all times.

Make dispatches more powerful and flexible

We’ll help you handle dispatches with unparalleled ease, accuracy, and efficiency, from pickups to deliveries to returns. See what you can do with our smart dispatch facility:

  • First-mile delivery – You can assign riders to a specific area or route so that when a customer books a pickup in that area, you can quickly send a rider to fulfill the request.
  • Linehaul – Our system can track the status of dispatches via land, sea, or air. This means you know where packages are at all times. You can also send a pre-notification message to both originating and destination warehouses prior to the arrival of packages to keep them up-to-date on the delivery.
  • Last-mile delivery – Use XPL to facilitate your last-mile dispatches. With our system, you can send an SMS to the consignee prior to the delivery. This helps ensure that consignees are there to receive their package, and, for COD transactions, provide consignees with ample time to prepare their payment. You’ll be able to minimize failed deliveries and improve your riders’ delivery performance.
  • Reverse logistics – Package returns are simple with XPL. You can use our system to handle and track products for return until the shipper receives them.

What’s more, all your dispatches use XPL’s route optimization algorithm. This helps you deliver packages in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Easy integration with your ecommerce website

Do you use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento? You can easily integrate these with our system so you can process orders and create tracking numbers seamlessly.

Our system will pull orders from your ecommerce platform, and then generate waybills for orders that are marked as fulfilled. Next, we’ll push statuses back to your platform so your customers can keep track of the status of their orders.

Provide riders with an easy-to-use rider app

Need an app so your riders can update waybills on the road? No need to start from scratch. We’ve developed two types of rider apps: a progressive app and an Android rider app.

The progressive app is ideal if you prefer one that’s simple, requires no installation, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It has most of the features of our fully-featured app, including viewing dispatches and pickup requests, updating the status of waybills, and receiving electronic proof of delivery.

Then there’s our Android app. It has the features of our progressive app and more. And since it’s a standalone app, it can provide you with real-time location of your riders, something that the progressive app can’t do.

Receive online payments

Electronic payments are safer and more convenient for your riders and customers. That’s why our system lets you receive electronic payments from trusted providers like GCash, 7 Eleven, and more.

Streamline customer inquiries

XPL isn’t just about logistics. Our system includes a CRM facility so you can easily track and become more responsive to customer inquiries, further boosting your relationship with your customers.

Disburse COD payments more efficiently

Disbursing COD payments to your partners is safe and convenient with XPL. We can provide them with a cash card where your partners can withdraw your disbursement. We can also do this through other disbursement channels like pawn shops, giving your partners more options that suit their needs.

Build better business intelligence

You can integrate XPL with your preferred business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI. This means you can easily generate analytics and reports for business decisions that are more accurate and better-informed.

Expand your reach

With XPL, you can expand your serviceable areas to the rest of the country. We make it possible with our expansive network of 3PL partners, which can handle your pickup or delivery requirements even in locations you don’t currently serve.

Offer branch drop-offs or pickups

Add another layer of convenience to your service with branch drop-off and pickups at M. Lhuillier and Pick-up at SM Supermalls branches nationwide. Just choose the branches where you’d like to offer the service and your customers can start picking up or dropping off their packages there.