XPL Delivery App Features

The free XPL Delivery App is packed with features designed to make your deliveries more reliable and efficient. Use it as a standalone app or with your current ecommerce platform via API and do the following:

Delivery Routing

We’ll help you avoid traffic and roadblocks, and find the best route to your customer’s address so you save time and money.

Barcode Scanning

Still entering order details manually? Now you can simply scan a barcode to retrieve and store these details in seconds.

Delivery Status Updates

Riders can update the status of deliveries via the mobile app in real-time, giving your business intelligence a boost and offers your customers with peace of mind.

Transaction Reports

Generate reports easily with the companion web app. Filter reports by date, status, or other parameters to get better business intelligence than ever before.

API Integration

Already use an ecommerce platform? With API integration, you can download your order list to XPL Delivery App and level up your delivery game today.


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