About Us

We Deliver More Together

Today’s connected world relies heavily on logistics. From the beans that make your morning coffee to the device on which you’re reading this text, these are made possible by a vast, interconnected network that delivers products from suppliers to consumers.

Depending on their role in the supply chain, an entity may be considered as a first-, second-, or third-party logistics provider, also known as 1PL, 2PL, or 3PL. Newer concepts even include 4PL and 5PL, suggesting more complex logistics requirements.

And from this growing complexity came a new and unique brand of a logistics partner: XPL.

At XPL, we connect individual components of the logistics industry through our robust and highly scalable cloud-based logistics platform.

The result is an expansive delivery network with a combined capability that allows each logistics provider to scale up their operations without increasing their capital expenses.

Each partner has more control over the pricing of deliveries too. That’s because XPL gives every partner the ability to negotiate rates with everyone else in the network.

Cutting edge technology. A nationwide network. More competitive pricing. XPL combines all these so that we can deliver more together.

Vision and Mission Statements


XPL is a global leader in providing comprehensive and innovative logistics solutions that enables clients to work efficiently and build a more scalable infrastructure, made possible through our technical expertise and strategic partnerships in the logistics industry.


Here at xpl, our mission is to:

1. Work continuously in developing comprehensive and innovative logistics solutions that include delivery dispatching, product warehousing, mapping, mobile payment solutions and customer relationship management (CRM) in order to help clients change the way they do business for the better,
2. Offer scalable solutions that fit the needs of individual clients, regardless of size and the scope of their operations,
3. Ensure that clients’ data are always secure and highly-available,
4. Use technology so that clients can use their current infrastructure efficiently through OPEX-based logistics solutions, and,
5. Have a dynamic and competitive organization where everyone’s knowledge and skills are continuously developed.